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Este blog va a estar dedicado a manualidades, según progrese. Incluirá algunos tips y notas que encuentre en internet y me sean útiles. Para más projectos y detalles, visitar

This is an arts and crafts blog, trying to keep track of tips and useful notes I find online. For other details on crochet and knitting projects, visit:

Since I was little, I have always loved making things on my own. Party invites, gifts, photo frames, posters, clothes for my dolls....however I have never really done so in a serious manner, nor have I really recorded it. I have done 'repujado'(embossed metal), 'pasta francesa', painted wood crafts and ceramics, paper crafts, embroidery, oil and watercolour painting, drawing (conventional and digital), knitting and crocheting. For a long time my focus had been painting/drawing, and those have been the ones I have attended workshops for. The others have been self-taught (except ceramics as a child).
However, knitting and crocheting are the ones where I have never finished a project. I started learning when I was 10, trying to knit a scarf for one of my male teachers. Mum taught me the basics and it was reinforced by my grandmothers. But until this day, that scarf is not even 1/4 completed. A couple more scarves are still in that same stage. Sad, really.
Crocheting was a more recent whim. After a friend's mum saw me bored one day and between laughs literally forced me to continue one of her granny squares, I began wondering on the possibilities of it. Knitting had always been impractical for transportation, with its two bulky needles (and making sure I would not lose my place on either of them, because I still have no idea how to recover the stitches), which contributed on my projects' abandonment. But with crocheting I could work on small projects (amigurumi) in between classes at the Uni. I have yet to finish my amigurumi (working on a hackeysack-style owl, for a friend), but it has drawn me more than knitting, so far. Today I finished a thin scarf with crochet, and this pushed me to initiate this blog and keep it all organized, hoping for serious continuity. I WANT to be consistent. I'll keep track of crochet using the Ravelry website, but I need a place where to annotate things and keep track of the other media.

So here goes nothing....

p/s: 'muñeca de trapo' means 'rag doll' in Spanish, and it is my grandma's nickname for me since I was like 2 years old, if not earlier than that. Sounds cuter in Spanish, I think

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