Sunday, August 8, 2010

notes on yarn

Yarn comes in six different weights. From lightest to heaviest they are: lace, which is used for knitting very light projects and produces a gossamer texture; fingerling, which most often is used for socks and baby items; sport, which can be used for lightweight projects like summer sweaters; worsted, which is the most commonly used weight because of its versatility; and bulky and super bulky, which are used for many felting projects as for heavy sweaters and rugs. Bulky yarn knits up quickly on super large needles

Generally, two strands of worsted weight yarn can be substituted for one strand of bulky weight yarn.

Gauge: the tension at which one knits. Gauge measures the number of stitches the knitter gets per inch. Gauge is important because if your tension is off, garments won't fit correctly.

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